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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  April 29, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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prime minister escapes an apparent assassination attack in a car bombing in damascus. >> hello, i am so the abraham. also on the program, an official is released into ethnic violence in myanmar. the human rights campaign says the people responsible are not being held to account. the prime minister visits the site of a building collapse while hope for further supplies are -- or their survivors disappears. i will be reporting from south africa where one family has a unique hold on the areas mineral wealth.
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-- area's mineral wealth. 's prime minister has survived an apparent assassination attempt in damascus. wael al-halqi escapes unharmed after an explosion near his convoy in the cities district -- the cities wealthier district. we have this report. >> syrian state elevation said the target was the prime minister wael al-halqi. he survived, but the attack showed the government is vulnerable despite the heavy security in the capital. nobody has yet claimed responsibility for the explosion went off close to the prime minister prime minister's convoy. several vehicles were destroyed in the neighborhood where many government and military institutions are located and where seery -- where senior syrian officials live. , ait was a cowardly act
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despicable one. i pray that those who did it will come back to their senses. we are one people, one blood. >> what can i say? this act will not break us. it will make us more strong.
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already given away alaska. i don't think we should give up these islands. >> we have huge resources. it is pointless to give them away. why should we? >> all our sea products come from there. we will starve if we give them up. >> they are not starving at the moment. japanese sushi bars have taken the city by storm. whose fish are they? al jazeera, vladivostok. >> the international space
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station commander posted an groundhich shows huge fires on the russian-mongolian border. it is the latest in a series of pictures he has taken from space. still to come on al jazeera, shanty in spain. we report on the struggle for dignity and one of europe's largest slum cities. -- european politicians discuss new measures
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hitting the bees. there are other things like , thement weather or pests landscape changing somewhat in new agricultural policies, and also less bee-friendly gardens. there are a lot of things going on. are something to be taken seriously. it is just if there is enough evidence to take this as an issue. take it as a given that the pesticide is banned, what happens next? luis e a reversal in the decline of bee populations -- will we see a reversal in the decline of bee populations? >> that is exactly what people are wondering.
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if we did take this step, would it reverse the decline in the bees. the evidence is not strong enough for many governments to agree to take these insecticides off the market. it should be noted that these insecticides were just going to be taken off the use -- it would be made illegal to use on crops which are flowering, or crops which attract bees. they would still be widely used for other crops that are not attracted to bees. i think this is really the issue. some countries believe the evidence is there, and other countries, including the uk, are saying that the evidence is not strong enough yet to make the decision. >> joshua bowman, thank you very much. a specialist in biological sciences from the university of aberdeen. an explosion in the capital of the czech republic has injured up to 40 people. a gas leak is being blamed for causing the explosion near the
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national theater in central prague. some people are feared to still be buried under the rubble of the building. to a syrian sailors have died .fter two cargo ships collided it happened more than 100 kilometers southwest of the plot bunnies peninsula. seven sailors were rescued while the crew on board the other vessel were not hurt. ofhas been named the slum shame where thousands of people live in desperate conditions just outside of spain's capital madrid. we traveled to the illegal settlement and found that residents are facing an uncertain future. >> if you follow the refuse trucks out of madrid, just before the incinerators, you will find one of europe's biggest shantytowns. gypsies, illegal immigrants, and those down on their luck, 12,000
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people live on this 16 kilometers stretch. residents get by the best they can. there is no running water or drains, and electricity is hijacked, and houses are built amidst the rubble. she and her growing family lived in three small rooms. the conditions here are dire. nothing stops the wind and rain coming through the windows in winter, but it is all her husband can provide by selling scrap metal. i want an education and a job for my family. i do not want them to be scrap metal sellers like us. i want them to have a better life because here you do not live very well. >> this road used to be an old rovers trail for bringing animals to market. now, a two kilometer section of it is home to a different trade. it is true that it is the
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biggest market for selling drugs in europe trip dealers live along side drug affects here. arego workers like susanna essential. the nearest doctor is six kilometers away. buses do not stop anymore. as with all slums, portraying the slum town as just destitution and drugs is to misrepresent it. in slums, you can find beauty as well as ugliness. this is miguel's house. here, he has created an oasis from the grout -- the grubby streets of the slum. picassoa recreation of "guernica." at the bottom of the dutch double garden, a pyramid of giza. this is absolutely amazing. why?
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>> i do this because i like art. i see art and anything, even in stone. it is also to make people realize that not everything here is bad. we also have artwork. weather in the developed or developing world, slum life is the same. it is insecure and often tragic, but there is always joy to be found. -- al jazeera. >> reports of a brawl on mount everest are being investigated by nepalese police. three climbers from italy, switzerland, and britain got into a fight with a local sherpa guide. the royal african nation occupies a position -- a unique position in south africa. it has been able to use its mineral wealth to improve living standards. occupy only 1400
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square kilometers, but their land is rich in platinum. >> this small farm is subsidized by the royal african family. its projects help feed 1000 schoolchildren a day. all the money comes from platinum mining companies that pay to exploit natural resources. the young king tracks how it is spent in this control room. >> you went to look at anything that is red and wonder why it is 100 days off schedule. >> all of the african plots of land have clean water and electricity. the same cannot be said about many parts of rural south africa. the royal family is doing the job of a government. that does not make everybody happy. this man may have the basic needs met, but he struggles to meet his family because he does not work full-time.
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in theto quit his job platinum mine after he injured his hand. he says the king should create jobs. >> always the same thing. >> he says there is no point in voting. if you live under an unelected king. you've got one constituent who is ruling. you get one constituent inside. when you come into the tribal lands, you get something different altogether. for theook works royals. she said the kings want to discourage a sense of entitlement. >> he is able and willing to make decisions that may be
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unpopular in the immediate term, but really are in the best interest of the community 1, 2, 3 generations down the line. >> it may only be when the platinum mines are exhausted that those living in the african nation will be able to judge whether the choices made now are the good ones. in the united states, thunderstorms have caused flooding in houston, texas. up to seven inches of rain fell on the city within just a few hours. the rising water made writing dangerous for motorists. a were stranded for hours after sections of highways became -- motorists were stranded for hours after sections of highways became flooded. for the first time students of all races were able to at tend a prompt at a school in georgia. it has been almost 60 years since the supreme court desegregated state schools. and white teenagers arm in arm at the start of
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their high school prom, the end of term dance party held in almost every u.s. school at the final semester of the year. ♪ what is a normal sight in most of the country is making headlines here in rochelle, georgia. until now, the students had to separate proms, one for african- americans, one for whites. five of the youngsters who helped to bring about the change. lifelong friends, they say one day it struck them, this is silly. , we dong away with that not have a black class, white class. we have one class, one prom, one football team, one math class. >> their campaign started on facebook about but it highlighted deep divisions over race issues in the community. earlier this month, al jazeera spoke to a local council member who said is like living in two worlds that have up until now have seldom angled. >> when our children graduate
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and we tell them, go off to college, but do not come back here -- the only time you come back here is to visit, not to live. >> this student say they encountered some apathy towards their integrate the prom idea along the way, but in the end, turnout was strong. >> a lot of people that i do not think would come in, they showed up, supported us. a lot of family members came and watched us walk. a lot of people that really were iffy about it at first, they came and supported us to. you know, we are thankful for that. >> they say those who were wary of the idea did not want to make a fuss, but they have learned that you cannot make change
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